Ask keinwunder

ASK KEINWUNDER (CHIEDILO A KEINWUNDER) Carlo Cenini, Enrico Tavernini Italy / 2014 / 46' Italian film makers Enrico Tavernini and Carlo Cenini wrote and directed Chiedilo a Keinwunder (Ask Keinwunder), a short movie produced by Compagnia delle Nuvole. The movie has been premiered at the Mountain Film Festival of Trento, Italy, in April 2014, where it has been awarded People’s Choice Prize. In May 2014, Ask Keinwunder won the First Prize at the Sestriere Film Festival. In October 2014 First Prize at the Terre Alte Film Festival, in MIlan. In November 2014 Best Film Alpinism and Climbing at Rio Mountain Film Festival 2014 in Rio de Janeiro Brasil.

The film tells the tale of the incredible and mysterious life of Hermann Keinwunder, a great but forgotten climber. A historic reconstruction in documentary style, including interviews with famous climbers and specialists, it brings to light the astonishing feats of the Trentino climber, certainly one of the lost fathers of modern climbing, also thanks to the discovery of new archive material. It is a journey exploring the enigma of the man, a journey that also offers the spectator a new and fascinating perspective on modern climbing history.